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The Program

Kollege Town Sports Is Here to Active Your Campus

You want Gear. We know Gear.

At Kollege Town Sports we know that you’re looking to outfit your group with UA branded product and our Campus Program is here to help you do just that.

As an extended level of Under Armour, Kollege Town Sports services campuses by:

  • Filling in with UA team product with the athletic teams when called upon
  • Offering UA team product for team sports camps and camp stores
  • Offering UA product to all ancillary groups on campus
  • Offering custom online stores to all organizations
  • Becoming an alternate contractor for the sponsored team with screen printing and embroidery

In addition to supplementing Varsity athletics, we focus on the ancillary groups on campus including but not limited to:

  • Admissions/Relations
    • Uniformity
  • Alumni
    • Program specific apparel
    • Golf outings
    • Bowl games, championships, events
  • Booster Clubs
    • Online store fundraiser
  • Campus Organizations
    • Staff apparel
    • Events
  • Club Sports
    • Outfit teams with uniforms and additional team gear
    • Online store fundraisers
  • Events
    • Utilize custom apparel, accessories and FanaKTive graphics
  • Facilities
    • The fanaKTive program can provide custom co-branded signage around campus
    • Staff apparel
  • Intramurals
    • Championship t-shirts
  • Recreation Department
    • Staff gear
  • ROTC
    • Training products
  • Sport Camps
    • Online store fundraiser

Camp Program

Looking to Balance Camp Costs and Boost Your Camp’s Marketing Protentional?

Our camp program offers several easy ways to earn additional revenue for your program through online stores, bulk orders and accessories stores.

  • Want to get away from having to bring in and pay for inventory to sell on site? Set up an online store for participants and non-attendees to order camp gear before, during and after camp? No cost to the program to set up so all profit generated goes right to the program.
  • Want to sell on-site? No problem, just place a bulk order of gear from your sales representative.
  • Want to sell on-site and run a store? No problem either we can do both.
  • Want to offer a camp package with registration? We can create one of those for you as well. Get paid before campers even come to town, not to mention, selling to the parents, and to the kids that may not be able to attend.