The best embroidery comes from the best digitizing. We are proud to report that our in-house digitizing is among the highest quality in the industry. Send us your logo, and let us provide you with a clean, detailed final product. As our customer, expect nothing but the best from start to finish.


Img behindscenes embroidery

Our expansive facility houses over 130 state-of-the-art embroidery heads ready to take care of any size project. Our team of experienced operators will get the job done with care and on time. Most of our machines offer 9 color capabilities, though we do provide an option for up to 15. We currently offer both flat and raise "puff" embroidery for those customers looking to add texture and design to their finished product. More than 20 years of industry experience gives us an edge as the most comprehensive, one-stop decorator in the country.


Img behindscenes etching

Permaboss Laser Etch technology has projected Kollege Town to the next level of decorating. Laser etching debosses a tone-on-tone design into fabrics such as polar fleece, micro-fleece and other synthetics. Our laser offers and efficient, on-trend alternative to traditional screen printing and embroidery. Consider etching for your fleece jackets, blankets, caps and gloves.


Img behindscenes applique

Using the same Permaboss Laser technology that creates our etched designs, we now offer laser-cut applique on a variety of garment styles. Our laser applique allows the ability to create custom lettering and logo designs with both the precise detail and an unfinished edge. As a popular method in the retail fashion market, laser applique is now an option at any level. Use applique on its own, or combine it with etching or screen printing for a completely unique design.

Tackle Twill

Img behindscenes tackle twill

Tackle Twill is our house specialty. Our laser-cut letters, numbers and shapes are made from 100% cotton twill and attached to garments using zigzag stitching. One, two and even three layers of twill allow for complete customization. With sizing available for designs up to 13 inches wide, your finished garment is sure to look first-rate. Consider additional embroidery, metallic twill and other specialty fabrics for your look - all at a competitive price.

Screen Printing

Img behindscenes screenprint

Kollege Town offers quality screen printing due to our 27 years of experience. Our color range and placement options are among the most elite in the industry. Aside from strandard silk screen printing, we also specialize in distressed, soft hand, puff and others.